Is a good dating site Issues: 3 Things Didn’t Do Well

The entire thing is shoved all the way to the left; some letters appear to touch the edge of the monitor when the window is full-sized. We signed up anyway, though, since first impressions can possibly be deceiving. In this case, they were not. Definitely not a good site.

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Actually, one of our results was a vegan, tree-hugging hippie who mentioned her hemp shoes. We mentioned our leather jacket when we replied. Understandably, we never heard from her again. The very first thing we saw when we landed on Cupid. That bit of cringing made us dread the whole rest of our time on the site, which turned out to be justified.

Compare that to something like Match , where they actually take things into account, and we saw a definite difference in quality. That makes the fact that you pay to access the full site seem kind of pathetic. Facebook is completely free, and we had results that were just as good from it. You might as well go to the park, fire a Nerf gun at random, and chat up the women the darts hit. If you want a real dating site, check out Match. In comparison with other dating sites, this site sucks.

There are only few girls that might be located near your are. This site is just senseless. Any positive review for this site should make you dubious. I was trying out the site and I was using the 3 day trial. I did not know that it was stated in fine prints that you will be charged with a monthly membership just after the trial expires.

This is not a legit adult dating site. You will not fin any respectable girls in here. There are only escorts and hookers eagerly waiting for you in this site. I doubt if there are any girls interested with dating on this site. I hope people will avoid using this site. I find it frustrating that there are people writing positive dating reviews for this site.

These people were paid for sure. The best rating that one can give for this site is zero. No one in his or her right mind would see this site as a legit dating site. If you try to compare this site to other dating sites, you will realize that this is not a good site to look for dates. This site is just useless and you should not waste your time in here.

Other similar sites are much better than this one. The site does not deserve to have a single positive review. I had never heard of with UK. I was promised a refund, but then they changed their mind. Stay clear, not just because of the above, but most of the contacts seemed to be gold diggers You have been warned. I set up two separate accounts to test their site.

Cupid Review January 12222

One page I used a random photo of a horse in the wilderness. The other a picture of Tom Brady. Both accounts instantly received messages but no profiles views. Which means the messages were sent by bots or people who never even looked at your page. Falsified profiles aimed at getting you to upgrade subscriptions. Don't be a victim. I set up a profile and paid the subscription. I found the website busy to say the least, with masses of messages and solicitations arriving from all over the world.

I cancelled the subscription after 2 days, using the day UK cooling off period as prescribed by consumer legislation and documented in the Cupid. COM Terms of Use. Cupid neither issued emails when accepting subscriptions nor replied to requests to cancel subscriptions. Although the account was downgraded, they did not return the subscription. Instead, a similar account was opened at LoveAgain. COM and it seems my refund was used to fund that account, but without my agreement. I have kept the emails I sent and the automated response Cupid. COM sent, so there should really be no problem.

I must remember to ask my bank to block them from my account when I put in a claim. My experience is that Cupid. COM does not operate according to their own Terms of Use and therefore I feel justified in stating that I found it to be operating outside of applicable law. This isn't right to do to someone. I never signed up for anther 30 days on this site.

Their billing and debit to my bank account caused me financial hardship as I was not expecting this charge and it caused me to bounce other bills that I had expected. Review - AskMen

I canceled my membership in less than 24 hours, it still working. Also Zoosk will nickel and dime you to death. I set up an account with Cupid. I reached out to the admin e-mail as the site instructs you to do so, and a get some generic reply message about, if you would like to cancel your account follow the steps in settings.

I replied back that I didn't want to cancel membership and explained about the no PayPal option any longer. I asked to allow me to talk and had to interrupt her several times to seek that. Which confused the hell out of me! I called back waited on hold forever and when the line was picked up, they hung up on me again!!

Sorry had to vent, that sort of service pisses me off! Hope this review helps prevent someone else from having to deal with them!!! Plus they will contact you with staff profiles posing as real dates to get you to sign up for their services. Plus there are plenty of fake profiles, just to name a few. I have not found a "decent" date. Meaning this seems to be a married man hook-up site. They either are "widowed" or their marriage needs spicing up. It is not the site's fault. I understand that but really screen your matches carefully.

I have since given up on dating sites. Stay away from this site!!! The guys are all widowed, live out of state, and look like models but they are really creeps sitting in Nigeria. They claim to be civil engineers, widowed with a young child, conveniently working overseas saving the world! They give you a song and dance and fall "head over heels" with their victim.

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My scammer thought he had a live one It's embarrassing as it took me a week of texting the creep to wise up and do a little homework and found the poor guy he was pretending to be. Thank god he didn't get a CENT out of me!!

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When you try to cancel your membership you have to call a number and the person on the other line could barely speak English and argued with me about cancelling. It's really a shame that these dating sites are just overfilled with scammers!!! I would rather be lonely and single!! Save yourself the aggravation, time and money and stay away!! When I first signed up and created my profile on Cupid, somehow my gender selection was wrong. After uploading some of my photos I checked my profile and saw it read "male".

I went through the steps as prescribed on Cupid to request my gender changed to female. I looked back at my profile and saw my uploaded photos were gone so I uploaded again and went through the steps to request my gender change on my profile. Requested gender must match your uploaded photos. Well, since my uploaded photos just disappear, I am in a conundrum. After several messages to Customer support, have received no response. My next step is filing a complaint with the state Attorney General's office.

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I had a paid account with this website for year. What a coincident, all of them were African scam. What more interesting, people I reached out myself also were scam. Spend some hundred dollars to see how deep it goes. Turn out it's infinite The terms and conditions stated that I had 14 days to change my mind. I would like to exercise my consumer rights and for my money to be return to me immediately. I don't know how they got my information or my credit card number.

A solid option among the highest ranking sites in the Matchmaking category, Cupid.

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Despite being a little flashy, it does deliver with easy-to-access dropdown menus and straightforward functioning. Or, upgrade for a more in-depth experience and the ability to contact other members directly. The Search function allows you to create searches that can be as general or as specific as you want them to be. Unfortunately, these searches cannot be saved to use at a later date and have to be redone every time you come back to the site.

Probably the most annoying function of the Cupid.

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