Did batman and catwoman ever hook up

Because she grew up poor on the streets, she will protect those that have no one else to fight for them when the mood strikes. Catwoman plays the hero role only when she deems it necessary. When villains see Batman on the rooftops of Gotham, they are quick to run away. They know he is out to lock thieves, murderers, and psychotic clowns away. Catwoman, however, fits right in.

While she does team up with the Caped Crusader at times, she is not a hero. This works to her benefit.

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  • Does Batman and Catwoman ever hook up?.
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She can essentially work with both sides depending on what she needs. If he could, he would never be Bruce and only be Batman. In most cases, he acts more like a crime-fighting machine than a human being. Catwoman also had a tragic childhood, but rather than let it consume her, she kept in touch with her human emotions. In their encounters, Selina is quick to remind Bruce of his human side. Her emotional side is also what convinces her to help people on the street who are struggling.

While Batman is a tough, proficient crime-fighter, his lack of emotions perpetuates his loneliness and anger.

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  • Does Batman and Catwoman ever hook up? | IGN Boards.

It is hard for him to see outside his world of justice. Meanwhile, Catwoman is still able to see the good in people and has kept her sense of humor. When she was first introduced on television in the s Batman show, she fascinated both men and women. Catwoman has always been very independent. She has never waited around for men to take care of her. If she wants something, she goes and gets it.

In the male dominated world of comic books, Catwoman certainly stands out. The Joker has been trying to make the Dark Knight laugh for years. Among the Bat-Family , he is the least likely to crack a joke. She certainly has a mouth on her and is full of sassy and quippy one liners. She even makes cat jokes and puns. She constantly uses her sense of humor to play with his head for her own amusement.

Selina is sly, alluring, and smart. She knows how to play others to get what she wants.

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Batman is good at getting his way as well, but unlike Catwoman, he uses brute force and fear to accomplish his goals. Catwoman is great at convincing others to help her with her words. She uses her sexuality and wit in order to tease and manipulate people. She is particularly manipulative towards Batman, knowing that he harbors confusing feelings for her. While she seems to have serious feelings for him as well, if she can use him to her advantage, she will.

Selina is great at convincing him to either work with her or let her escape.


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MrMisfit , Jun 22, Jun 22, 2. Jun 22, 3.

Jun 22, 4. Batman ended their romantic relationship because he was unsure if Catwoman had been a willing participant in Hush's plot. Even when their romance rekindled later, Batman still suspected that Selina's reformation could be a result of a personality-altering mindwipe by Zatanna.

In pre-Crisis continuity, the Earth-Two versions of Batman and Catwoman were shown to have married in the s, and later Selina gave birth to a daughter, Helena Wayne alias Huntress in In Tim Burton's Batman Returns , Selina played by Michelle Pfeiffer seems to be the true love of Bruce's life, as not only their costumed identities but also their disturbed psyches are described as similar.


Their relationship becomes intensely dramatic toward the end of the movie, to the point where Bruce actually implores her to abandon her vendetta against Max Shreck and come and live with him in Wayne Manor. In All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder Batman's strong romantic feelings toward her are based on the fact that she's sort of a female version of himself: Another dark, beautiful creature that prowls in the night.

In Batman Beyond , Bruce hints at a relationship with Selina in his past, as well as comparing that relationship with Terry's and the current 10 of the Royal Flush Gang. The 'real-time' events are very slim - only a couple pages - as Catwoman and Batman throw out all their wedding plans and essentially decide to elope on a Gotham rooftop with two witnesses. The rest of Batman 50 consisting of two letters that the couple writes to one another spilling out their secrets. Catwoman explains that Batman and her love for him has changed her for the better, making her a hero.

And as a hero, she has no choice but to sacrifice him and their love. Gotham needs a Batman, more than Catwoman needs a Batman. It may even hint at the future of the caped crusader. The final page of Batman 50 reveals that although Catwoman made the decision to leave Bruce out of her own free will, she was urged into it by her imprisoned friend Holly Robinson.

did batman and catwoman ever hook up Did batman and catwoman ever hook up
did batman and catwoman ever hook up Did batman and catwoman ever hook up
did batman and catwoman ever hook up Did batman and catwoman ever hook up
did batman and catwoman ever hook up Did batman and catwoman ever hook up
did batman and catwoman ever hook up Did batman and catwoman ever hook up
did batman and catwoman ever hook up Did batman and catwoman ever hook up

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