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She also sets a good example to women, not to rely on pussy-power for career progression.

Is Nazizi dating producer Sappy after her recent divorce?

Cyprian Nyakundi claims mainstream media favors some artists over others. He claims Wahu has never released a single album yet receives more coverage than Nazizi. Does Naz get the same coverage? Quite some disgusting shit!

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They were never perfectionists. They had figured out that because of their gender, all they needed was some visibility and boom, they got jobs. Sheila Mwanyigha is one such example. She sung a few songs and surprise surprise , landed a media job. Same as Sanaipei Tande. Sung a few mediocre songs here and there, and that is somehow the criteria for getting a media job. They are rare, but cases of positive femininity actually exist. Your email address will not be published.

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You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Mdee was in turn awarded by the Global Health and Diplomacy for her work in advocacy. Mdee released her third single Hawajui on 13 June. Vanessa Mdee received an endorsement deal from Crown Paints, to be its brand ambassador in Tanzania. Crown Paints is a number one paint manufacturing company in Eastern Africa. It tells the tale of a cunning young man who tries to convince a young bride to embark on a love affair with him, with promises of plenty material things.

Van data In studio With Nazizi.

Despite her upbringing the story ends at a crossroads, leaving the listener wondering. Siri is already rising fast on the Tanzania radio charts plus East African charts. Later on 8 December, the much anticipated video for Hawajui was premiered on MTV Base and has gone on to capture the attention of the African continent and beyond.


Early this year, Vanessa Mdee signed a brand ambassadorship deal with Samsung Tanzania. Vanessa has continued to attract a lot of attention from plenty of corporations due to her enormous talent and continued effort to grow her brand. Composed by Vanessa Mdee, Ntokozo Mdluli and Nahreel, the light hearted collabo will transcend from the airwaves to the club.

Nobody But Me is already topping charts in various countries in Africa. The festival was held at Eko Atlantic.

Monkey Flip feat. Nazizi & Abbas | Monkeytown Records

Vanessa Mdee was the only artist representing Tanzania at the festival. Mdee is up for three Kilimanjaro Music Awards [6] i. The awards are set to take place 15 June in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The campaign is calling on world leaders to put girls and women in the forefront in This is the year when the new development goals will be set by world leaders at the United Nations.

Why girls and women must be at the heart of the fight to end extreme poverty". It also illustrates the structural nature of the social, economic, political and cultural barriers that militate against women and girls.


The campaign has a petition which is calling on world leaders to track the fight against inequality and injustice by investing more in women and girls if the world is to end extreme poverty by Essence [9] a popular US magazine — hadn't shot a cover in Africa since They decided it was time. Van data In studio With Nazizi. Gee Mukama on Entertainment. Like us on Facebook: Boyfriend of Morgan Freeman's granddaughter sentenced to 20 years for her fatal stabbing Howwe on Entertainment.

Gee Mukama I have heard every Joke about my name so save it. For a large number of comments, we show only 10 per page.

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Nazizi dating

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