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Fry Street Public House. Just kidding, of course we know. Although it's cleaned up its act some over the years, its pedigree as The Drink lingers on: After a UNT Fashion And Design Society runway show ended one fall evening, I saw two people actually having sex on the dance floor, while the bar was at capacity with a line around the building.

The Old Crow has Jell-O shots that are cheaper than a cheap hooker or a cheap haircut or other cheap, bad, wonderful things. Their ingredients are secret. I mean, you could probably ask someone what kind of bad liquor is in them, or you could just take our word for it and shoot back two or three and curse Satan the next morning. Side Bar is where the budget-friendly dude-bros like to start their night. The overall aesthetic is reminiscent of a very dark, stale-smelling, strikingly small college apartment that, like, five of your guy friends used to live in.

Upon first glance this bar might make you think, "Hey, this has the potential to be the scene of my meet-cute. Well, you're in luck. Technically a two-fer, since there are two different bars in the same building, owned by the same dude. Despite the nice staff and new booking people, this place will always hold a weird, but special place in my heart.

The 7 Best Cougar Bars In Dallas You Need To Check Out in 12222

The best and worst thing about this bar is the jukebox in the basement, and depending on the patrons' musical preferences, your night can go from zero to shit quite fast. The bathrooms in the basement and on the first floor leave nothing to be desired. Still, why did so many of your college friends bang it out in those dirty, dirty bathrooms? However, many regular patrons do say it is almost as cozy and inviting as a library. That is where the similarities end, thought. This downtown Dallas cocktail bar attracts a somewhat trendy clientele.

Young professionals love this bar for it's cool yet relaxed atmosphere. The drinks menu is quite special too, and definitely worth checking out. For those looking to hookup and wanting to show off a bit, The Library is a good place to do so. You can dazzle a potential date some of the signature drinks. The Grapevine Bar Type.

All major credit cards and cash accepted; some parking available; accessible entrance. Psst, we have a secret that we heard through the grapevine: Seriously, The Grapevine Bar has been one of the Dallas gay community's best kept secrets for years but finally this bar is getting the recognition it deserves. The Grapevine Bar is a local drinking hole for queer and straight people alike.

Locals love the laid back atmosphere and excellent drink prices. We love how fun it is on a Friday night! Seriously, you'll definitely be going home with someone when you spend an evening at The Grapevine Bar. All major credit cards and cash accepted; no parking on site but some street parking in the area. If you are looking for a slightly posh bar experience in Dallas, The Woolworth is the place for you.

This cocktail bar only uses the most premium liquors and ingredients to make some of the most delectable cocktails in all of Dallas. We highly recommend trying a few!

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The Woolworth is a great bar for meeting new people as young singles love to relax in the intimate and luscious lounge area. The best way to impress someone at The Woolworth? Buy them the nicest drink off the menu! Cocktail bars don't have to be posh or super fancy! This bar serves up unique cocktails but it does so in a super fun and chill setting.

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This is the sort of cocktail bar you can go to in your jeans and not feel under-dressed at all. Now that is our kind of cocktail bar! We also love the tasty appetizers, which pair perfectly with their incredible cocktails. The have a great 2-for-1 special, which makes it an ideal date night! Dallas Hookup Clubs Dallas is a city that knows how to party, and this is evident from all of the incredible nightclubs!

Cash cover at door; all major credit cards and cash accepted inside; open late on weekends. You won't find any lizards here! Nope, instead you'll only find one of the most rocking nightclubs in the Dallas area. Lizard Lounge has been around for years and has become a staple in the Dallas night scene. What locals and tourists love about Lizard Lounge is how relaxed and unpretentious it is. Sometimes all you want to do is grab a beer or cocktail and dance up a storm and Lizard Lounge serves up just that!

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Plus there are always plenty of great specials to take adventure of during the week! It'll Do Club Type. Rather, this is often one of the first picks on anyones list. The long lines outside on a Friday or Saturday night are a testament to that! It'll Do Club has multiple rooms for dancing and features DJs that spin everything from pop to trance to electronic and everything in between.

Plus, if you're looking for something more specific like retro or 90s pop, there are specialty nights just for that!

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Are you ready to pray? Lucky for you The Church is open every day of th week, not just Sunday!

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And every guest of The Church has a penance which is: Felt like I was staying at stylish New York City hotel. Rooms are modern but still comfortable, bed and pillows made for a super night sleep and hi def TV was really hi def. Was there for a wedding which had incredible food, great service and the coolest bar to hang out in afterwards. Great long weekend getaway. If you are looking for a progressive, hip, yet luxurious enviroment then this is the hotel you want to be at.

Beds were one of the most comfortable that I have slept in. Not getting nickle and dimed for WiFi and refreshments int the morning and afternoon was also refreshing. Staff was always available and ready to help.

When we arrived we were coldly greeted by a very rude staff. Part of the advertised package included free breakfast which we were informed wouldn't be served until 7: The race began at 8.

Nasty! This is more like a Hook-Up Spot... - NYLO Dallas Plano Hotel, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

Needless to say we had to go to Target that night and get bagels so we would have food in the morning. When we explained that to the girl at the front desk her reply was, "I didn't put the package together so I can't do anything about that. The area is essentially a big bar and the music vibrated our walls until about 2am. Why would they put a group of women who are racing early the next morning in one of their noisiest rooms?

Our room was not clean and had no hand towels. The front desk cut us off when we asked for them to send up towels. The lobby turns into a seedy pick up lounge at night complete with Police officers and huge bouncers. Part of our package was suppose to include free transportation to and from the race. They dropped us off in the morning. When we needed to be taken back we walked to the Marriot and the wonderful manager there called the NYLO for us.

The NYLO told her they don't offer rides on the weekend. How were we suppose to get back to the hotel? When asked to speak with a manager, was told there wasn't one on duty and that the one they had was at home asleep. How can you operate a hotel with no manager on call? Stay far away from here!! Go to the Legacy Marriot. They will treat you with respect and offer amazing service.

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best hookup bars dallas Best hookup bars dallas
Best hookup bars dallas

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