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I'm only 33 and I'd shoot her if all she did was prattle on about fine arts They are consenting adults. If you really care about this, you have too much time on your hands. I don't disagree but she was a bit different for a young kid and wasn't prone to prattling on about the usual things that I hear 20 something rattling on about on a regular basis.

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You find out a 41 year old male and a 25 year old female are dating

But I'm sure if she remained in the area eventually the strain of the age difference would've become too much. I always think back to some old Steve Martin bit in which he likened getting older to the shutting of doors. When you are around much younger people they generally state "Hey! Let's go do this NEW thing!!! Like it's gross desire or something?

The relationship will be unhealthy? I guess many people would think that it's gross I guess they would at least have one thing in common. I'm not really talking about a regular relationship more of a series of dating type situations. It's not uncommon for people to wonder what it would be like to go out with somebody much younger or somewhat older than themselves just out of curiousity and fulfilling some need for different life experiences.

In my case, even though I'm generally somewhat older than those surrounding me, I have a very high metabolism coupled witha very manic personality. This tends to give the impression that, although I'm somewhat older than they are, I'm probably a lot of fun to be around and a regular ball of energy.

24 year old woman dating 33 year old man

This makes the idea of going out with somebody a bit older somewhat more palatable idea. I just don't get the whole attachment of gold-digger to the age gap if the woman is the younger one. It's always such a negative perception. Yet when its the guy who is younger there is no such thought.

I don't necessary view that as a negative thing. Some ladies just like to know that their men have the financial means to support them, and some ladies in their 20s are aware that their 20 something boyfriend couldn't afford the type of lifestyle she wants whereas men in their 40s can. Plus men in that age group are typically more sophisticated and experienced in life and those qualities can be quite attractive to some ladies. But I do agree with the guys being younger bit Sajedene Because it is different. Guys never go for a girl because of money. If a young male wants a hot 30, 40 year old woman, it's for the same exact reason a 40 year old male wants an 18 year old girl.

There is no deviation in the reasons men have for pursuing women. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. What immediately pops into your head regarding this situation?

I wonder if there's anything interesting I can pay attention to. Omni-Slash Follow Forum Posts: And a year-old man is more likely to respond to a message from a year-old woman than a message from any other age group.

When women make the first move, the age gap dating norm is reversed. I asked my friend Trevor, a year-old mathematician, what he made of it.

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They have more interesting jobs and hobbies, and their profiles are just better … no stupid selfie-only profiles. Did that explain it? Across all ages, straight women write shorter profiles than straight men. And then there are those year-old women who really clean up with the year-old dudes.

Older men often date younger women, but everyone can benefit when the age gap is reversed

Cindy has been dating men in their 20s for the past 15 years. Working in tech, she sometimes feels she has more in common with somethings than older men. When I spoke with women who message much younger men on OkCupid, most of them told me something similar. I have no desire to have a man telling how I should be conducting my life.

But I have been on dates with guys some 10 years older, and my feelings are this: Obviously your dad knows you and knows this guy well too, so sooner or later he will pick up on obviously signs that you two are into one another. Sorry I don't have much more to offer than that. Originally Posted by whichwayisup. Taramere, you are right, I've known him since I was 14, but we only met maybe 5 times in my father's company, that's all. No personal visits, trips, holidays, not like that. My dad wouldn't think that I have a crush on him since 14 years old It has developed recently, when I have chances to talk to him and see him a lot more even as often as my father sees him, we go to some dinners together and I think my dad will finally notice that something's going on between us I don't think there's anything wrong or unusual about a 25 yr old woman dating a 40 yr old man.

However, your father being his friend seems to be the biggest obstacle here. I think once you and your dad's friend both establish that there's an attraction between you two, it'd probably be best to have a talk with your father about this.

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I'm not really sure what the best option is in this situation, but hopefully everything will go well for you. And as far as my dad's reaction is concerned, gosh, he would probably freak out I am still his "little girl" and I will always be and I am sure he wouldn't like the thought that'll come to his mind at some point: And finally, it will be really difficult to me to talk about all this to my father, I've never discussed my love life with him!

But there seems to be no other option, because I have to be sure about his views, otherwise I cannot date that man - I am sure he has feelings for me, but he wouldn't admit it, knowing that my dad will be against us.

26 year old woman dating 40 year old man

It's hard for anyone here to give useful advice because only you are privy to the dynamics of the relationship between your father and the man you say you love. Some questions you may consider is if it is possible that your attraction is even some motivated by the business relationship with your father, in other words, would it stand on its own if you just ran into this guy out somewhere?

Another question is what is your father's general attitude and demeanor with respect to views on romance, more traditional, modern, etc.? Provided he and your mother are together, how did they meet? Any useful data there? In your shoes, I'd ask your father about it directly.

It seems to be the only option that makes sense. He may be all for it for all we know here. But watch out and make sure of your feelings first, you could end up in some sort of uncomfortable position as a prospective "dynastic pawn" and have a hard time changing your mind down the road.

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